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[-] Title: Meet the Psycho Mage
[-] Characters: Fai and Danny [(smile_of_ice) and (wtf_notinthecar)]
[-] Location: Little Bless; Fai's new Cafe.
[-] Summary: Fai meets Danny as Danny tries to find some food.
[-] Rating: PG-13; due to Fai and his gayness.
[-] Status: Incomplete.

Fai was very proud of how his cafe had come out, and with little help from Goku-kun, Aeris-chan, or Kuro-koi. Though, he had to admit, if he had said something he probably would have recieved said help. He liked surprises, and so figured he would leave it at that. Though, the piano would take a bit of work for him to do by himself. Maybe Kuro-woof wouldn't mind helping him there.

Well, the parts he did do he had finished. He had the tables set up, the counters, the kitchen behind the room he was in now, some tables outside. He even managed to turn the small room next door into a make shift green house, with the glass, hose, benches, sinks, and what not. The piping to shut of the fertilizer had taken a lot of effort to fix, but that had been his last job. Now he had to finish costumes.

Hence what he was working on now. He had finished the orange-monkey, yellow-squirrle, green-flowers, red-fox- and white-bear themed maid costumes; even already had them given to some of his employees. The others were sitting beside him on the counter as he sat lazily, sewing some blue fabric together for his own costume. He had finished the ears and tail already.

Of course, being so engrossed in his work, he never expected a potential costumer to walk right in, even if he had left the door open.
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