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[-] Title: Meet the family~!
[-] Characters: Goku (bottomless_pitt), Aeris (life_in_lilies), Fai (smile_of_ice), Kurogane (ninja_manga), and Rue (raven_hime)
[-] Location: Kurogane Family Apartment.
[-] Summary: Rue meets the family.
[-] Rating: PG; subject to change sue to Fai's gayness, Aeris' evil planning, and Kurogane's language.
[-] Status: Via comments.

Goku entered the apartment with Rue still on his back, looking a tid bit tired, though it was more of a problem caused by hunger than it was carrying Rue. Rue was so light, that he could hardly feel her. 

"Otosan? Okasan?" He called, wondering if the both of them were home. "Aeris-niisan?" 

No one returned the call so he gently placed Rue on the couch and headed off to get some ice to put on her ankle.
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