Chii (lilkitty_chii) wrote in eldritch_island,

[-] Title: On The Trail We Blaze~!
[-] Characters: Danny (wtf_notinthecar) and Chii (lilkitty_chii)
[-] Location: Forest thing.
[-] Summary: Danny and Chii go to the city~!
[-] Rating: PG for now.
[-] Status: Complete

Chii was glad Danny was with her, even if it wouldn't have mattered if he followed her or not in the first place. But after meeting him, she kind of wanting to stick with him. The jungle thing was kind of scary once you entered it. And it was getting chilly, though it was nothing compared to what she experienced in Celes. There she had hardly worn anything and it was covered in snow.

She turned to see if Danny was still following, smiling brightly. "Chii!" She said, as though he would understand what that meant. He wouldn't, since it was an expression of her excitement, but she said it anyway.  Curious as a cat she took off in front of him and deeper in to the jungle, racing through the underbrush.

"How long does Danny think it will take to get to the city?" She asked, though the grin on her suggested she couldn't care either way.
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