Watanuki Kimihiro (blind_why_me) wrote in eldritch_island,
Watanuki Kimihiro

[-] Title: Granting A Wish~*
[-] Characters: Yuuko (priceequalsjob) Watanuki (blind_why_me) and Fai (smile_of_ice)
[-] Location: Yuuko's Apartment.
[-] Summary: Yuuko grants Fai's wish. Watanuki is there for comic relief! >w<
[-] Rating: PG; subject to change with Watanuki's bad language, Fai's gay influence, and Yuuko's crazy fangirl moments XD.
[-] Status: Complete~!

Watanuki was a bit surprised, hearing that Fai-san had a wish. Which meant of course that he would need to be with Yuuko when she ganted said wish. Though, if he got to meet Fai-san it wouldn't be so bad.

Then again... Fai-san was a bit... eccentric. He could be asking for a death wish for all he knew.

He sighed and finished setting up the sake and the small snacks for the both of them, like Yuuko instructed. Why did she have to make is such a party if she was only granting a wish? Though it made sense he guessed. Yuuko did tend to favor the little traveling group. 

Watanuki sighed and decided against pulling off the apron. From experience he knew Yuuko would just make him make more or get more sake.
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