Fai D. Flourite (smile_of_ice) wrote in eldritch_island,
Fai D. Flourite

[-] Title: Just a Little Push
[-] Characters: Fai ( smile_of_ice) and Kurogane ( ninja_manga)
[-] Location: Apartment
[-] Summary: Maybe Fai can get Kurogane to admit something if he gave the ninja a little push. Of course, it's more like Kurogane makes Fai do a little soul searching.
[-] Rating: PG-13; subject to change.
[-] Status: Complete

Fai headed back for the apartment as soon as he finished his talk with Yuuko. He was distressed, mostly because Yuuko had made him re think his decision. His current mission was finding Kurogane and to talk, not only because Yuuko was right, but what she had said made him realize something.

So, he ran into the apartment without any thoughts of caution and began to call for Kurogane, wondering if was even still here.

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