Fai D. Flourite (smile_of_ice) wrote in eldritch_island,
Fai D. Flourite

[-] Title: I have a wish.
[-] Characters: Fai (smile_of_ice) and Yuuko (priceequalsjob) [Maybe a guest of appearance of Watanuki?]
[-] Location: Yuukos' apartment.
[-] Summary: Fai wishes to forget those moments with Kurogane. However, he should have waited until Yuuko could grant it.
[-] Rating: PG-13; Subject to change.
[-] Status: Complete

Fai knew that Yuuko had arrived and knew that she lived just moments away from his own apartment. The thought of her being so close made him angered, only because she was the one who granted Kurogane's wish, to turn him into a monster. Of course, Yuuko simply granted wishes, she didn't plan them. So, it wasn't her fault. 

And these thoughts circulating in his head and gave him an idea.

Kurogane had hurt him deeply. He wanted nothing but  to forget, and Yuuko could give that to him. And so he found himself on his way to Yuuko's apartment, in search of the witch herself.

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