priceequalsjob (priceequalsjob) wrote in eldritch_island,

[-] Title: Wish Granting.
[-] Characters: Yuuko, Watanuki, Eiji, Takafumi.
[-] Location: The south end of Main Street at the City Edge.
[-] Summary: Yuuko can feel her powers returning enough to truly grant the wishes requested of her.
[-] Rating: PG-ish.
[-] Status: In Progress.

Yuuko had found a beautiful kimono that clung in all the right places. It was black with dark red flowers along the sleeves and edges. How she got the money to pay for it?

That was her little secret.

Yuuko looked out the window at the darkening sky. It was 7:15. 45 minutes till she was to meet with Takafumi and Eiji to grant their wishes. She picked up a bowl, heading into the kitchen where a sealed container sat on the table with crystal clear water inside. "Watanuki! Come here." She called.
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