Watanuki Kimihiro (blind_why_me) wrote in eldritch_island,
Watanuki Kimihiro

i s[-] Title: A Meeting of Hitsuzen.
[-] Characters: Watanuki (blind_why_me) and Eiji (lilkittylost)
[-] Location: Eiji's apartment.
[-] Summary: Watanuki introduces himself to Eiji, his co-worker.
[-] Rating: PG for now.
[-] Status: Complete.

Watanuki had heard that there was someone besides him working for Yuuko, and that he was to be his co-worker. Idly he wondered if perhaps he had been offered a wish in favor for his service, just like Yuuko had done to him. She called it hitsuzen, but he called it a scam. Of course... he didn't really believe it. Not with all the crazy stuff he got himself into with Yuuko's wishes. Most of it at the underlining of 'be careful what you wish for' while others were just small lessons that were either learned to late or not learned at all.

Anyway, he found himself in front of Eiji's apartment with some brownies as a gift. Yuuko had told him to become introduced so he would have to introduce himself. Couldn't upset the boss. With a sigh he rang the doorbell and waited.
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