Sora (tranquil_sky) wrote in eldritch_island,

Let Your Colors Collide

[-] Title: Let Your Colors Collide
[-] Characters: Sora and Roxas (maybe a guest appearance by Riku?)
[-] Location: The beach.
[-] Summary: Roxas has emerged from Sora upon landing on the island.
[-] Rating: PG-13 for swearing, maybe.
[-] Status: Incomplete.

The last thing Sora remembered was falling asleep on the beach, so when his wide cerulean eyes flickered open and he stretched his sleepy limbs, he didn't feel that anything was off. He flopped over so he was lying on his back, a hand coming up to shield the sun from his eyes. "Mm, Riku, Kairi... some more sleep..."

A moment later and Sora was sitting completely upright, suddenly keenly aware that this was not his island. Yes, an island, but it wasn't Destiny Islands, and that he was sure of. Eyes scanned the area, the left first and then the right... And that's when his heart did s strange flip flop and he almost felt sick. He rubbed at his eyes, unable to accept the sight before him, unable to actually understand that Roxas of all people was sitting just a few feet away from him. Weren't they supposed to be the same person...? Sora didn't feel any less whole, though neither had he the last time Roxas had been separated from him.

Tentatively Sora smiled, unsure of how to react to his Nobody. After all, hadn't they been almost on opposite sides or something like that? And he'd fought Riku... Sora bit his lip, eyes lingering uncertainly on the boy that almost could have been his twin, the boy that was his Nobody. He'd never really looked at Roxas before, he'd only seen him for brief moments that left him wondering how they could mistaken for one another. It was now that he noticed the subtle details that linked them together.

"Uh. Hi Roxas," the brunet managed to say, eyebrows raised in a quizzical expression. "What are you doing here?" Okay, so that sounded a lot more ridiculous out loud than it had in his head, but Sora was sleepy, flustered, and confused which made for a fairly bad combination in terms or anyone. To boot, Sora was most definitely a morning person, and his voice was more than chipper though not as completely obnoxious as it could be at times.
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