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Winning over Fai

[-] Title: Winning over Fai
[-] Characters: Rue, Fai, and Open
[-] Location: Kurogane family apartment/Rue's Apartment,/Little Bless
[-] Summary: Rue and Fai go off to search for her apartment and take a look at the uniforms for Little Bless.
[-] Rating: PG
[-] Status: Continuing via comments

Rue woke the next morning groggily, not remembering how she got into a bed. She remembered feeling tired the night before as they all sat in the living room after dinner. She must have nodded off at some point and Goku or Kurogane probably carried her up to the bed. Although, she didn't remember having any other clothes with her and the ones on her seemed a bit big. They must have been Aeris' or a creation of Fai's.

She looked around the room in search of her school uniform, finding it folded neatly on a dresser.  She got out of bed, gingerly putting weight on her ankle. It didn't hurt as much as she expected it to. It was only a dull pain that she could deal with until it had healed completely. She dressed quickly, folding the borrowed clothes neatly and placing them where her clothes had been before heading towards the kitchen.

She admittedly felt bad about taking up Goku and Aeris' room. They didn't have to do that for her, but the did anyway. Maybe she could make it up to them and make them breakfast. And so, she began rummaging through the kitchen, deciding to make everyone some omelettes for breakfast.
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