Kiku-chan dee~su! (lilkittylost) wrote in eldritch_island,
Kiku-chan dee~su!

Open Log

[-] Title: There was a Sheep here
[-] Characters: Kikumaru Eiji and OPEN
[-] Location: The Temperate Forest
[-] Summary: Eiji is out exploring, and...?
[-] Rating: PG for now
[-] Status: Unfinished

The wind that swept through the air was chill and Eiji shivered, pulling his new coat closer around himself as he stepped out from the small path he had followed for maybe an hour, being greeted with the ruins, or maybe not ruins, since the house looked well kept enough, just deserted, of something that had probably been a place where people lived years before. Grass was sneaking up on the small asphalted area in front of the house, pushing its way through the oiled rocks and creating vicious looking cracks here and there. The house itself seemed like an empty shell, windows cracked with wind hooting through them, and the stone the house was built of looked dirtied and not very well managed at all.

No one had lived there for years, but that also meant the Doctor had been around and about on the island for far too long a time. Right?

Eiji made a disgusted face, but since curiosity was known to kill the cat, he stepped closer, sharp, watchful eyes scanning the area, and he blinked as he realized there were animal droppings here and there on the ground. And they didn't look all that old, not years old at least.

A small grass patch a few meters away from the house seemed even more alarming; the grass was flattened and in the soil underneath the boy could make out the markings of a shoe print, the markings still fairly visible. Given the fact that it still was there, and the fact that the grass still was flattened, who ever had been standing there had been doing it not too long before Eiji himself had arrived to the abandoned house.

That fact alone was enough to make anyone uneasy, and Eiji's nerves weren't the best in the world. The young speed-and-net-player looked around, hand squeezing the only weapon he had brought - a small salt container made of marble which lay heavy in one of his pockets - as slowly approached the house, heart beating furiously in his chest.

Maybe he shouldn't have left the city; but he was starting to feel rather suffocated there, he wanted to find out more of the island, since it was his - temporary - home right now, and bringing a backpack stuffed full with something to sleep on, some food and water, plus a small notebook to entertain himself, and maybe make some useful notes, he had set off on a trek that he hoped wouldn't last more than two or three days.

The forest had been wast, intimidating and seemingly endless - where in fact what he had done the most being trudging onwards in a spiral that had grown from rather wide to narrower by each turn - but in the end he had reached this clearing, after maybe walking for half a day. The place held something eerily sinister about it, but he figured it would be as good a place to rest as anything, and after taking one final look around, he sat down on the small stair leading up to the house's front door, and unpacked some of his brought food; two double sandwiches and one of the water bottles.

He tried to stay on guard however.

What if there really was something there, watching him...?
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