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[-] Title: Magic Users Unite~!
[-] Characters: Fai and Daisuke/Dark [smile_of_iceand niwa_angel]
[-] Location: Library.
[-] Summary: Fai meets with Dai/Dark in order to talk about magic and such; maybe go off to meet Yuuko too?
[-] Rating: PG-13; just to be safe.
[-] Status: Incomplete.

It took a bit longer than he intended to find the library. It should have been easy, but no, he had to go the long way and smoe how get lost. He wasn't one for getting lost, so it was a bit unnerving to be so, not to mention he was afraid to ask for directions. Any one could be Project Zero or the Doctor, and thanks to the wonderful jerk face from last time who had proceeded to touch and then lead him in the wrong direction, Fai thought he would just suffer finding it himself. 

Eventually he did find it, and was glad he had decided to come early just in case such an event had occured. He made his way up the steps quickly and though the doors. He wasn't exactly sure what this person looked like, and he did feel a bit foolish for agreeing to meet a stranger (thank goodness Kurogane wasn't here). Still... the thought of of discussing magic with someone who could understand was enough incentive.

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