Rion Steiner (crystal_sinner) wrote in eldritch_island,
Rion Steiner

[-] Title: A sense of normalcy
[-] Characters: Rion (crystal_sinner) and OPEN
[-] Location: City; Outside the apartment blocks
[-] Summary: Rion is a little confused, and a little lost. One wonders how he hasn't gotten used to the feelings yet.
[-] Rating: TBD
[-] Status: Incomplete

He couldn’t help but admit that he was lost. Lost in the sense of ‘oh dear god, I have no idea where I am’ sense, rather than the ‘ok, I came from point A, meant to go to point B, but have ended up… Here?’ kind of lost. It was disconcerting, to say the least, and most definitely troublesome. The last time such a thing had happened… The blonde shook his head, willing himself to ignore such thoughts. The most important thing was what was going on now, rather than what had happened then. Then he had been unable to remember ‘his’ (he had never entirely gotten used to the concept that it wasn’t really ‘his’, not in the true sense of the word) past. As of right now, it certainly seemed like he could remember everything. Everything, that was, except arriving here.

He was in a city – wonderfully lacking in what one would describe as activity, as most places that liked to be foreboding were. Currently, he was standing in a generally indecisive manner outside what appeared to be a block of flats. He’d always had a dislike of places that gave people a small room for money, particularly hotels, ever since that incident. He doubted, though, looking at the vastly superior state that this place was in, that it held quite the same type of occupants.

Running his tongue across his lips, he decided, eventually, than entering the building and finding somewhere to stay (by force or otherwise) would be a definite Good Thing. Camping out on the streets did not rate highly in his books, and besides, having one less thing to worry about meant he could focus on other, more pressing matters.

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