ninja_manga (ninja_manga) wrote in eldritch_island,

[-] Title: Fai Made Chii
[-] Characters: Chii and Kurogane
[-] Location: The city somewhere.
[-] Summary: Kurogane is wandering around the city and meets someone.
[-] Rating: PG
[-] Status: Incomplete.

Kurogane walked through the city, sword at his side, looking around with sharp eyes. There were a few people here or there, but it was still pretty empty for the size of the place.

All the more reason to look around. There was a lot of hiding places that needed to be checked out. After all, those who worked for the Doctor and Project Zero were serious threats.

It was then something caught Kurogane's eye. A girl with long blonde hair and weird ears. He stopped and stared for a few moments before walking over. "Chii?"
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